Kristen Connell Schwachter
Mindset Trainer & Neurocoach

Kristen is a heart centered practitioner & mindset coach that uses revolutionary neuroscience-based methods. Her process is powerful & permanent creating inner peace and alignment by addressing the root causes of issues.


Through strategic intervention, Kristen has empowered numerous clients to heal and recover from the past, replace/restore their outdated belief systems and trust in themselves. 

This creates synergy in the mind required so that every client can create a fulfilling life experience from the inside-out.  It’s from there, they can navigate & neutralize challenges by tapping into their inner wisdom for higher knowledge. 

Whether it is through individual or group re-wiring programs, she has created space for her clients to find balance, stability  and peace  in every area of their lives, a multi-dimensional quality that impacts our entire structure, physiology, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and all our relationships both personal and professional.

Kristen is creating a healing legacy for those that choose to join her on the journey to create a new version of their ENVIORN(MENTAL) reality towards human growth & flourishing.

Re-wire and Re-code neural networks & pathways in a revolutionary process that leverages neuroscience in each session.

This revolutionary process leverages neuroscience in each session & unlike “talk therapy,” the sessions tap into the wisdom of the mind to neutralize emotions people spend months or even years address in various modalities.  

Choose to free your mind of inner limitations, addictions, negative beliefs, fears, stresses & anxieties.

Straight From the Source

"Working with Kristen has been nothing short of transformational.  What is even more amazing is that I could see the results and change almost immediately. In some cases, within one day! I have worked with her to change belief systems and habits I have carried into my business. Within several sessions, I am witnessing changes in my behavior, how I feel, my thoughts about my future & even how my clients interact with me.  


If you are truly open to something different & want real life change, you will feel the effects of working with Kristen & your life will transform for the better. I promise you... She is the real deal!"

~Amarilis Correa, ACE Travels