It's all about the journey 


The Rewired Mind method is a scientifically based method that uses the brain's capacity for neuroplasticity to reconsolidate and rewire long-term memories that are not advantageous to overall success.  The brain can replace “old wiring” with new connections that are positive or neutral, which leads to immediate changes and transformation in the way you think, feel and behave.


How It Began

Kristen began her own personal “Rewired” journey as she embarked on an extensive mission to discover and implement total well- being solutions for her own family after an extended exposure to a neurotoxin in her family home, mold. 

The Why

Kristen’s first and most beloved “clients” are her two beautiful children, Zane & Hudson, who are her biggest inspiration in seeking and solving for the most complex physical and emotional health issues.   

Beach at Sunset

Beyond Limitations

Her quest has pushed her “Beyond Limitations” of the current model for health and happiness and now she serves as a driver to bring awareness that the choice for more joy, peace, & abundance is available to everyone.

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"Working with Kristen has been nothing short of transformational.  What is even more amazing is that I could see the results and change almost immediately. In some cases, within one day! I have worked with her to change belief systems and habits I have carried into my business. Within several sessions, I am witnessing changes in my behavior, how I feel, my thoughts about my future & even how my clients interact with me.  


If you are truly open to something different & want real life change, you will feel the effects of working with Kristen & your life will transform for the better. I promise you... She is the real deal!"

~Amarilis Correa, ACE Travels