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Kristen Connell is the founder and creator of The Rewired Mind Method. This revolutionary method leverages the life-changing power of neuroscience to recode and rewire the mind to effortlessly optimize performance.

Kristen began her own personal “Rewired” journey as she embarked on an extensive mission to discover and implement total well- being solutions for her own family after an extended exposure to a neurotoxin in her family home, mold. Kristen’s first and most beloved “clients” are her two beautiful children, Zane & Hudson, who are her biggest inspiration in seeking and solving for the most complex physical and emotional health issues.

Kristen’s passion for helping others has brought her to the leading-edge of personal transformation, and now busy professionals around the world can implement her method to easily neutralize limitations and unlock their true potential. The Rewired Mind Method has been successfully applied to a broad range of global networks. Heads of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial founders, family offices, investors and athletes all rapidly resolve any blocks or resistance to maximizing personal and professional goals.

Opportunities to experience the method include personalized bespoke sessions where clients work one-on-one with Kristen from root cause to resolution; online programs on topics around health, wealth, and relationships; and group workshops for businesses and entrepreneurs to increase productivity and performance.

To explore more of The Rewired Mind in motion, you can find Kristen’s work featured in “Beyond Limitations”, a documentary film streaming on Amazon that explores the reaches of human potential, along with “Ignite Forgiveness,” a best-selling book that outlines the transformational power of forgiveness.

Kristen’s mission is for everyone to experience the power of creating a new life story. We each hold the key to unlock mental freedom, clarity, and harmony in all areas of life.

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